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Social Media: Where to Start


Today’s top young professional talent lives on social media, making it the essential tool for attracting, developing, engaging, and retaining them. But navigating the complex world of social media for talent management can feel overwhelming. That’s where The YoPro Know comes in.

Transforming Talent Retention

Transforming Talent Retention: The Benefits and Wellness Report


By identifying that all generations have diverse mental health needs and benefit desires — comprehensive wellness programs, robust mental health support, and meaningful benefits — we allow businesses to foster a more committed and productive workforce. 

Recruit & Retain YoPro Talent Guide

As digital natives, young professionals spend a lot of time on social media – it’s also where they consume their information. Learn how to attract and retain talent using digital tools and start playing the modern game to win talent and keep them using top tools and strategies. 

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YPK Report

Since its inception, The YoPro Know has communicated what young professionals need to be successful in the workplace. After interviews with thousands of young professionals, this report brings you specific data relevant to the modern workforce. Gaining access to this report can help take young talent development at your business to the next level. 

Intergenerational Communication Quiz

Free Intergenerational Communication Quiz

Want to know where your company ranks in Intergenerational Communication? You will receive a customized email immediately after completing this short quiz (takes no more than 2 mins!) with next steps to enhance your team’s communication efforts. 

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Masterclass: Attract & Retain Talent Digitally

GenZ and Millennials will make up more than half of the U.S. workforce by 2025. Learn how to better attract, retain, and strategically develop them as they grow into the future leaders of your workforce in this 4-day FREE Masterclass.

Masterclass: Intergenerational Communication

Join our Free 2-day class that will help you better understand the current generational landscape and initiate strategies at work for effective communication across all generations.