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Whether you are looking for training around managing young professionals or intergenerational communication, Kamber will help your business shift its mindset from not just keeping your young professional talent, but to raising the next generation of leaders.

We offer one hour speaking engagements to half-day and full-day workshops.

It’s time to set the record straight about young professionals.

GenZ and Millennials will make up more than half of the U.S. workforce by 2025. 

What will your business do to prepare them to be the future leaders our workforce needs?

Our Speaking Session & Workshop Topics

Engaging topics and workshops that guarantee your team leaves with tangible tips they can take back to the office with them THAT day.

Strategic Insights: Leveraging Data To Optimize Young Professional Performance
With an aging workforce, it's critical that your business starts maximizing young professional talent now to prepare for tomorrow's workforce. This interactive session will offer opportunities for you to workshop specific challenges and successes your team has experienced in developing the next generation of leaders, and will reveal key findings from our report on the Current State of Young Professionals Today with more than 1,000 young professionals.
The Future Of Work Is Here: How to Attract and Retain Top Young Talent in a Digital World
Young professionals have grown up "digital natives" and use smart phones for virtually everything. Pivoting your recruiting and retention strategies to social media is in the best interest of your company's legacy, so how do you do it? We walk through how you can achieve this, who the main players are, and how to measure it in this workshop topic.
The Power Of Intergenerational Communication: Bridging the Generational Gap and Creating Unity
There are five working generations in the workplace right now. Learning why generations act based on their behaviors and upbringing will give you an advantage in your industry and your business culture.
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By requesting access to these workshops, you are taking the next steps to improve your workplace culture. The workplace is in a state of confusion right now as we continue embarking into this post-pandemic workplace (i.e., the new normal). It’s tough enough to maintain the work needed to serve your clients, let alone understanding the young professionals you work with. If you apply just one of these workshops into your leadership, you will be well on your way to increased retention within 6-12 months. We’re here at The YoPro Know to support you.