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The YoPro Know adds Samantha Zimmerschied as new Associate Consultant

Zimmerschied has a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University and a master’s degree from the University of South Carolina. Before joining The YoPro Know, she was the Executive Director at the Advanced Institute for Development and Learning, and before that she was an Account Manager at Beach Re

How to Build an Authentic Brand on Social Media That Attracts Gen Z

If you have ever sat through a marketing or social media brainstorming session in the past five years, you have heard the word “authentic” more than 1,000 times. Simultaneously, companies have spent the past few years searching for ways to be more authentic online. In a digital, post-pandemic world, it is critical to remember that others in your industry are catching on.

Kamber Parker Bowden – THE YoPro Know Journey

After graduating from Furman University, Kamber Parker Bowden embarked on her professional career with the “right path” ahead of her. Graduate, get a job, and be an adult. She moved to Chattanooga, TN to start on the first rung of the corporate ladder. It wasn’t long before she realized that her true calling lay beyond the confines of traditional employment.

Greenville’s workforce is growing as companies adapt to generational shifts

People of all ages are migrating to the area to start a new job, raise their children or retire. Robyn Knox, chair of the Greenville County Workforce Development Board, said some of the factors attracting people to Greenville include a lower cost of living and job opportunities across growing industries in the area. Knox is also the president and founder of The HR Business Connect LLC.

Hello Chaos Ep 78: Kamber Parker

The YoPro Know started as a blog and podcast and has now uncovered data from thousands of YoPros since 2018. We’ve identified what YoPros look for in the modern workforce and “decode” the myths and communication barriers between GenZ + Millennials, and their Experienced Professional counterparts in the workforce. Today, YPK is an innovative consulting firm that uses our own data and research to support companies looking to improve their recruiting and retention efforts of young professional talent.

Six M’s of Manufacturing: Recruiting & Retaining Young Professionals

True grit, determination, and passion are trademarks of the industry that “makes”. Here, we celebrate the thought leaders, pioneers, and change agents of the manufacturing industry. Each month, SCMEP VP of Training Programs, Adrienne Temple, will explore the enduring yet ever-changing world of manufacturing through candid conversation and storytelling with industry professionals.

Episode 83: ‘Expectations’ with Kamber Parker

Angela and Christi speak with Kamber Parker – speaker, consultant, and founder of YoProKnow, a consulting group that actually started as a blog back in 2018. Parker started her company as a means to help young professionals (“YoPros”) figure out what career opportunities were out there for them when she found gaps in her own first career. Several years later, what started as a side hustle has turned into an innovative consulting group that is changing the way businesses look at young professionals.

Closing the Gap: Bridging the Divide between Young Professionals and Employers with Kamber Parker

In this episode of the HR Mixtape podcast, host Shari Simpson interviews Kamber Parker, founder of the YoPro Know. They discuss the gap between young professionals and employers and debunk some common misconceptions about Gen Z and Millennials in the workplace.

The YoPro Know promotes Jade Fountain to Director of Operations

She is a graduate of Furman University’s Women’s Leadership Institute, was named one of Greenville Business Magazine’s Best & Brightest Under 35 in 2020, and is a graduate of Leadership Greenville class 48. She currently serves on the board of The Family Effect; is the Chair of the Junior League of Greenville’s Grants committee; and was a member of the 2023 Rose Ball Beneficiaries committee.

‘Things are not changing, they have already changed’: Owner of SC consulting group shares advice to attract young professionals

Kamber Parker created The YoPro Know, which helps companies build strategies to attract and retain people ages 21-39 years old. Parker said companies that don’t have any social media channels could be missing out on attracting talented young professionals. She said a report found that 70% of young professionals will look at a company’s social media channels before they apply.

The YoPro Know starts online Masterclass on attracting and retaining young talent

If the answer ranges from not at all to barely, then The YoPro Know has a solution for you. It is offering its first online Masterclass, Attracting & Retaining Young Professional Talent in a Digital World, aimed at helping business owners, hiring managers, human resources, marketing teams and other C-Suite leaders to learn the best talent retention and recruitment tactics aimed at the younger members of the workforce.

Company Helps Employers Hire, Understand and Retain Young Professionals

Generation Gap: It’s a phrase that does not appear anywhere on the website for Kamber Parker’s company, the YoPro Know.  That’s because the catchphrase is decades old, coined in the 1960’s to explain the social divide between baby boomers and their parents.

YoPro Know helps bridge generation gap in the workplace

How does a baby boomer boss effectively communicate with a Gen-Z employee? What can companies do to attract and retain talented young professionals? Kamber Parker specializes in these issues and more with her business, YoPro Know. Visit our As Seen On Section for a link to learn more.

How to Change Your Social Media Presence to Attract Top Talent

Aside from the workplace challenges and unfilled positions we’re seeing today (amidst numerous layoffs), one reason this still might be happening is because your brand does not have a strong presence online.

Intergenerational generalizations? Let’s avoid them

It is one of the few places where people of many different generations co-exist for hours at a time with a collective goal. Trust me, there is no sarcasm font being used right now.

Meet Kamber Parker

I was a solopreneur at the beginning, but it did not take long for me to realize I needed a team to support this journey. In the last year, I’ve built a team of 7 people, and it happened fast, it was scary, and I learned a lot.

2022 Small Business of the Year

The Greenville Chamber is putting a spotlight on local businesses. We meet the 2022 business of the year.

South Carolina employers struggle to retain young workers amid generational differences

It’s the number one concern of all my clients, Recruiting and retention-finding the right people and then keeping them.

Clueing in to what young professionals want

All the data I’ve collected, I came up with five key factors of why young people stay or leave. I interview the young professionals and the experienced professionals in the office and look for the main areas that they might need help in.

Greenville Chamber Honors Community, Business Leaders At 133rd Annual Meeting

The 2021 award was presented to Kamber Parker, interim executive director at GAPS and owner of The YoPro Know.

Greenville Best and Brightest

2022 Best & Brightest 35 and Under! This is our 28th year of recognizing the business and community leaders who are making an impact in our state.

Hidden Gems: Meet Kamber Parker of The YoPro Know

Talent conversations are not going away anytime soon, so having a third party to support your strategy using our 5+ years of research is a great tool for your business.

How to Successfully Retain Young Professionals

Kamber is the author of the Ebook “The Young Professional Guide: 7 Smart Career Decisions To Make Now To Maximize Your Young Professional Years” and offers consulting services for companies looking to increase young professional retention and engagement.

Young Professionals and the Great Resignation with Kamber Parker

Though Gen Z and Millennials differ, they share some common characteristics when it comes to the workplace. Both groups want to make a difference in the world and often seek companies that prioritize community days.