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Are Your Young Professional Dress Codes A Hit Or A Miss?

Wondering if your dress code is a hit or a miss with your GenZ and Millennial team members?

If you’re questioning it, it probably means there’s a disconnect between you and your young professional talent in the office. I’ve had dozens of conversations with business leaders about dress code, specifically in the post-pandemic workplace.

Remember this: most GenZ employees spent the first 1-2+ years of their career working from home, so dressing up like you always have may not be the “norm” for them.

The Fix?

  1. Make sure your communication about dress code is getting through to them! Are you just sending an email or verbally sharing the information you need them to know? After that, where is this information living? Make sure you are sharing this on internal communications, or even physically in the office if applicable.
  2. Clear is Kind is always my motto. Young professionals might listen, but still aren’t hearing what you’re saying. Most of them have spent the first few years of their YoPro lives working in sweatpants through the pandemic, so you need to get through to us in a different way than you may have done previously.
  3. Set expectations before they come on board and let them know what is expected. Again, this can be shared via internal communications (maybe an internal communication page?), in a welcome packet, and even in a video format.
  4. Give them examples. If you’re a law firm and cut-up jeans are unacceptable to wear in front of a client, let them know and show some pictures (visuals are helpful, and we want to be clear, right!?).

Even if your company is more on the lax side when it comes to dressing up at the office, the above tips are still useful when working on increasing clear communication with young talent.

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