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3 Ways To Bridge The Gap Between YoPros and Businesses That Want to Hire + Retain Them

Isn't this the million dollar question?

YoPro transition and turnover costs us all, starting with a $30.5B annual price tag for American companies. Let’s change the narrative to one of purpose, growth and shared success for upcoming talent and businesses alike.

Over the last 3+ years, The YoPro Know has been working to figure out how this is possible. Well, now it's time to show you what we've found that can help businesses everywhere keep YoPros happy, fulfilled, and engaged at their company.

For Companies: Get to the bottom of barriers and disconnect

It's no secret that there's a disconnect between YoPros and the companies that hire them. By getting to the bottom of the problem that impacts your bottom line – like just listening to your YoPros or hiring a consultant – you create a sense of loyalty and respect among your young professionals. When you do this, your investments will pay off ten-fold.

For YoPros: Expand your network and expose yourself to new options

If you're in the job search process, look for the companies that offer you opportunities to meet new people and growth opportunities. If this is not an option, it is not the place for you. For all of the YoPros feeling good about their jobs, but looking for new ways to grow: find resources, both inside and outside of the office, that allow you to form new relationships and partnerships, which will give you new opportunities long into the future.

For everyone: Create an open line of communication

This is the #1 reason YoPros stay or leave a company, but it's also a reason a YoPro wants to work for your company in the first place. Make sure the line of communication starts from the very first interview. It will form a sense of trust! If you're a YoPro, make sure you're clear about where you stand long after you get that job offer. It's a sure-fire way of creating a strong relationship and an overall positive job experience.


Spoiler alert, beer taps and ping pong tables aren't enough to attract and retain your top-tier talent – it takes genuine values, meaningful company culture and intentional investment in professional development. But it also goes both ways. YoPro Know is here to help when you're ready for that next step.

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What's Next?

For innovative organizations seeking to hire, engage and retain YoPros, our consulting and coaching arm will partner with you to create a captivating culture where prime candidates thrive long term. Once vetted, we will enthusiastically promote you among our network of thousands of top-tier YoPros seeking to join enlightened ventures like yours. Interested in learning more? Book your free 15-minute consultation with me here.

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