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Why It's Harder For YoPros To Have A Life Outside Of The Office

When you look back at previous generations when they were young professionals, the lifestyle was:

Wake up, go to work from 9-5, then leave work at home.

Am I wrong? Now, today’s young professionals have a harder time unplugging, but yet, you keep hearing how badly we want flexibility and time away from the office.

It’s a double-edged sword for us, as YoPros. We constantly have access to our emails, whereas our older coworkers had a better excuse to leave work at the office (you know, before there were smartphones).

It’s important to remember that while YoPros today need time away from the office, it's easier said than done when our office is…sort of everywhere.

Here are a few important points to remember from YoPros we’ve interviewed about why it’s important to have a life outside of the office, but how it's not always easily attainable.

Technology makes it more difficult to disconnect.

The pandemic was amazing as far as keeping everyone connected goes, but it also hurt us – and not just YoPros. We suddenly were faced with a life where our office, sleeping area, and in-home gyms were all in the space and that made it harder for us to separate these parts of our lives. When our iPhones make it easier to stay connected long after we've left the office or for those of us who work remote, leave your awesome WFH set-up, we make it so easy for ourselves to not forget about work.

Work is not meant to be worshipped, but we constantly feel we need to.

Giving back is how Meredith Clemmens likes to spend her time outside the office. Being a holistic person is so important, but it's hard for us to adapt to that mindset when we are so focused on spending so much time at work. In her words, it's just not worth it. When we are Experienced Professionals (i.e., older than 40), we should look back on our early career years with excitement and joy. When we worship work, we lessen the chances of that actually happening.

There is so much to learn about ourselves outside the office.

However, we often lose sight of this. Once again, our friend Meredith Clemmens shares that there is so much to learn when you're not in the office or working. In other words, get out there and DO something. Make new friends by volunteering, learn a new skill, or just go out and meditate. Find an identity other than who you are at work.


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