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Why Elon Musk Is Wrong About Remote Work

If you missed it, Elon shared last month that "remote work is no longer acceptable." He also said wants all of his employees to clock in 40 hours per week at the office (Source: CBS News).

He has since altered his original statement, but the issue still stands…why does he think this is okay?

As someone who has interviewed YoPros for years, and not just during the pandemic, I can’t fathom any company leader thinking this is a good move for a company!

When you don’t give opportunities to be flexible, particularly after the pandemic and the shift that has already taken place, your young employees will leave.

It’s not like that won’t impact experienced professionals too, but I have answers to prove that young people don’t want that.

I would argue that while I don’t think companies need to offer 100% remote work, they do need to offer some flexibility. Whether that looks like 2 days in your WFH office and 3 days in the office, or however you decide your team should look, you need to offer something and it matters when you do it.

As business leaders, if you’re not thinking of this now, you will see negative results in the future. This might lead to having a difficult time recruiting young employees, lower retention rates, and a negative culture.

Don’t be like Elon in this department. Business leaders, read the writing on the wall and offer some type of flexibility.

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