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What We Know About Professional Development and Young Professionals

Professional development has been a buzz word for as long as I can remember. In our latest report, we learned that it is one of the top 5 factors that influence young professionals to stay or leave a job. If a company has professional development opportunities, they are more inclined to stay.


So what does professional development mean to young professionals? If you’re an experienced professional, you might be thinking, “I need professional development, too. It’s not just a young person thing.” While you are most certainly correct, everyone can use professional development in their career, generations define it differently. That’s what we’ll cover today.


Based on our report, young professionals shared the 4 types of professional development that matter most to them at work:

  1. Mentoring Programs. With high volumes of Baby Boomers exiting the workforce, it’s imperative to have a structured program to pass information on to future leaders.
  2. Investment in External Learning. This includes investing in digital tools like LinkedIn Learning, webinars through companies like Morning Brew, and more high-caliber tech platforms.
  3. Community Service Work. Giving back to your community matters to your YoPros. Local nonprofits now have YP programs to plug your YoPros into community initiatives. Impact-driven community events like community service days are another way to engage young talent.
  4. Growth Opportunities. Deemed the “Participation Trophy” generation, offering ways for YoPros to get involved in internal or external leadership programs offers them leadership opportunities for future growth.


When we speak to the incoming workforce, they look at applying to companies that invest in their talent. Specifically, their young professional talent, who are the future leaders of the workforce. If companies aren’t investing now, how can they know they will be set up for success?


This data presents each company that engages with it an opportunity. You can use it to enhance your current retention and development work with young professional talent…or not. We’ll be here to support you if you’re ready to implement it!


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What’s Next?

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