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What Spooks YoPros The Most At Work?

In honor of the spookiest time of the year, we thought we’d collect some important information on what spooks YoPros the most…outside of ghosts, skeletons, and graveyards leading up to Halloween.

First, let’s address the obvious: there are a lot of answers that could be shared here, but the YoPros we surveyed were pretty clear about their thoughts on the top 5 fears that spooked them when at work:

  1. Toxic work culture (66% said this was a top spooky factor)
  2. Limited career advancements (50% said this was a top spooky factor)
  3. Overworking for the same pay (43% said this was a top spooky factor)
  4. Stress and burnout (39% said this was a top spooky factor)
  5. Micromanaging bosses (37% said this was a top spooky factor)

So, how can you take this information and put it to good use? Read on for more tips. One might argue that answers #2-5 result in a toxic work culture (#1), so let’s cover these first.

  1. Consider bringing this data back to your team and get the key players involved. Depending on your main areas for improvement, these key players will change, but it should always include top-level leadership as well as people who the decisions are being made for (i.e., the YoPros themselves).
  2. Prioritize the areas that your team can control immediately and what your plan is for 2024. If offering more opportunities to advance in their career is an area of weakness for your team, embrace outside-the-box opportunities (i.e., if limited promotions are available, find out if there are opportunities outside of the traditional path) and figure out a way to communicate that to young talent.
  3. Talk to your YoPros and learn if they have other “Spooky” fears at work that are within your control. If they do, determine how you can tackle these areas. Not only will they feel you care about keeping them engaged at work; they will be more encouraged to stay and invest in you, as the company leader.

We are not encouraging you to take away all fears for the sake of making your young professionals happy, (*though, why wouldn’t you want your full team to be happy and engaged*)? Instead, these “spooks” directly correlate a young professionals’ desire to stay or leave your workplace. When stress and burnout became too great of a fear, or a micromanaging boss decides to “helicopter” that much farther, you lose engagement with your talent. That hurts your workplace in the end, so consider these steps and make plans to move forward.


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What’s Next?

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