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What Role Will Young Professionals Have In The Future of AI?

The short answer? Everything.

In our latest podcast with David Hyde-Volpe, CTO of the Vizius Group and Founder of Dodo Consulting, we discuss the future impact of AI on jobs and the workplace as we know it. Of course, by this point, we know that AI will impact jobs, but what about young professional jobs?

Thanks to David’s expertise, we uncovered several important details to take us to the next level in understanding this new phenomenon that is undoubtedly already impacting our workforce. Since our show is all about young professionals and how to better attract and retain them, of course we’re covering this hot topic through the lens of that arm. Here are some of the key highlights from the episode.

  • We are not yet at the point where there is wholesale replacement of humans with AI, but it’s going to move fairly fast.
  • Younger people will be able to weather the transition better because they are A) They are generally paid less, and B) They can adapt to rapid technology changes faster than older generations.
  • The biggest determining factor of whether your job will be impacted is this: What are you paid to do? Is it to produce ideas or generate content? If so, then your job will change and be affected.
  • Labor will move to be more of a shepherd of the generation of content rather than generating it themselves from scratch
  • If downsizing your staff to make room for AI, the cheaper option, keep your young professionals, as they will be the remaining “shepherds” of AI in the future, and they need to be trained now.

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