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Use The Great Resignation As A Tool

Anyone tired of hearing about the Great Resignation yet?

It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The sooner you recognize that “things are not changing: they are already here”, the better.

So, how can we embrace it? What are the good things that can come from the Great Resignation?

This can be the time that different working generations start to understand each other.

Aren’t we tired of the five working generations in the workplace not getting along? In my assessments working with companies, it’s common I find a disconnect between generations. The Great Resignation can be a time where this issue is confronted head-on. HR departments and staffing agencies should identify ways to raise awareness of the various cultures each generation relates to. From there, they can help the working generations at their business understand why other generations do what they do in the workplace.

Workplace cultures can be reevaluated.

Again, now is the time for HR departments and staffing companies look to the root cause of retention at their company. Here’s a tip: ask your past employees why they left. Ask your current employees what they want – it is likely different from what you actually think. Once you have an answer, now is the time you can pivot and respond in a positive way that impacts your culture.

Young professionals are watching and learning.

Young professionals are impressionable – we know that already – but how can you use that to your advantage? Get a pulse on what is happening at your company as it relates to retention and turn it into a learning experience. Give the young professionals still working at the company opportunities to grow, and give the incoming hires new ways to grow, too. Identify that what you do in this moment is being watched externally by potential hires. How you act as a company on external platforms is important.

Everywhere I look online, I see something about the Great Resignation, and it normally has negative connotations. If you are a smart business leader, you will look at this in a positive way. Assess, adapt, and learn from the experience. You will come out way ahead of your peers and competitors in a few years.


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