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Tips To Succeed In Sales And In Life

Meghan and I were connected through a past YoPro Know blogger, Danielle Nauman. You may remember her post about The Power of Time-Blocking, but if not, check it out here!


I work in a sales job, which is no easy feat. But at the end of the day, there is no other corporate role I'd rather be. I love sales because it forces you to show up as your best self everyday to succeed, which will start bleeding into your life too. I've only been in sales for 6 months but it transformed my life from 0-100 real quick, and I've seen the transformation outside of work. For example, I developed a consistent workout routine, meditate daily, and have gotten better with getting sh*t done.

Here are some of the practices I've developed to succeed in sales.

Self Reflection is key.

I recommend reflecting in a journal at the end of each work day, asking yourself, what went well today? What didn't? What can I improve on for tomorrow? I'm not perfect at doing this daily, but every time I implement this practice I notice a spike in my performance. Self awareness in everything. I also try to reflect at the end of every month and ask myself the same questions.

Morning routine

It's starting your day off with little wins that build momentum for the day. When you've had an entire morning and worked out, journaled, and read, you feel ready to conquer anything that comes your way in the day.

Self Care

This means fueling yourself with healthy foods so your brain and body will function better at work and you'll be on top of your game. It means getting enough sleep. Doing your skincare, and making yourself look good so you can increase your confidence. Whether that's makeup, hair, or a bomb outfit. I am far from perfect at healthy eating, sleep, and my appearance, but striving for these things every day and baby steps are key for progress.

Taking a break

As a capricorn, this is something I suck at. But it is so essential. Breaks are needed to refuel your entire being. Allow yourself to watch Netflix all day on a Saturday because you deserve it.

Boundaries with work

I find I'm more productive when working during my 9-6 hours only. If I bring work late into the night I have less energy to take on the next day. Preventing burnout is everything. So cut off work and set a stopping time–you'll have plenty of energy to tackle it the next day. It's all about working smarter not harder.

Use your weekends for fun

Too often I find myself wanting to get all these work things done on the weekend. Don't do it, don't even worry about it. Having a good weekend spending time with loved ones and doing things for yourself is everything to be productive in the week ahead.

I hope these tips help. Overall, success in sales stems from being the best, most confident version of yourself. Which means you get to focus on self-development, a beautiful thing.

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