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The Top 4 Sourcing Tips For Hiring Young Professionals

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Recruiting is not the way it used to be, so getting creative is part of the process now! If you’re looking for more out-of-the-box tools for finding great young professional talent, you’re in the right place. 

Remember this: things are not changing – they’ve already changed. Recognizing this and adapting is what will take you to the next level in your hiring game.

  1. Social Media. This is a big one, but the #1 way you can find new candidates is through social media! Whether it’s TikTok (most engaging for Gen Z) or LinkedIn, you can find Gen Z online and on their phones. How can you meet them where they are in terms of your sourcing?
  2. Check out the local Young Professional Group; become a sponsor for an upcoming event or send your own young professionals – they might meet potential candidates and it’s a great recruiting tool in your back pocket because it shows other young professionals you’re interested in developing your current employees! A great resource is visiting your local Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Visit organizations that have young professional discounts (they all have them these days!) Examples (that might surprise you) include Rotary and your respective industry associations.
  4. Don’t forget about local nonprofits that have YP groups. All Meals On Wheels have a YP group that is pretty active, or your local United Way. These are great people you want on your team because they are ambitious and love to give back!

You will note that I did not include old fashioned job fairs in this post. Don’t get me wrong – I love networking events, but not every YoPro does. In fact, with the new wave of GenZ and the post-pandemic impact on the job fair industry, you have a better chance of finding YoPros elsewhere.

Start with what you already know: the facts mentioned above.


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