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Social Media Channels to Avoid and Use For Your Young Professional Recruiting + Retention Strategy

There is a lot more to your recruitment and retention strategy of young professionals than social media, but it’s a great place for young professionals to start when they are in the job search process. It’s also how they stay updated via your channels once they are employees, so you want to know all your bases before diving into a strategy. 

Thanks to our 2023 Report, we know that nearly 70% of young professionals will look at your social media before they ever apply. 

But if you have a Facebook channel, does that same stat apply? Most likely, no. Today, we’re going to share which social media channels to avoid and which ones to engage with for your recruiting and retention efforts to be the best they can be. 

  • LinkedIn: Engage
      • LinkedIn is a great place to post about your culture, what life in the office looks like, and recognize current and new talent. Keep in mind that most millennials are on LinkedIn, and GenZ is growing on this channel at a rapid rate (as they emerge more into the workplace).  
  • Facebook: Avoid
      • If you’re trying to attract and retain young professionals, they are not spending time on this channel, and we recommend you stay away from it unless you are targeting a different generation in your audience.
  • Instagram: Engage
      • This is #2 in all digital channels for GenZ right now, behind YouTube, so definitely don’t sleep on Instagram! Use this as a tool for videos to drive engagement. This is most likely the first place YoPros will search for your company before applying, according to our research. 
  • X (previously Twitter): Avoid *right now* 
      • With the continued conversation around X and its volatility, we do not recommend our clients to engage with this channel right now, and we know that most YoPros do not check here first. Note: this changes with certain industries, for example, media. 
  • YouTube: Engage 
      • You’ve heard it here before, but YouTube is the #1 platform that GenZ engages with (88%). Consider utilizing this platform if you are not already and create content via YouTube Shorts to engage GenZ and educate them on what to expect at your company. Bonus points: read our earlier blog post on this channel here. 
  • Snapchat: Maybe 
      • Snapchat is a popular channel for most *future* YoPros and GenZ members, however, this group uses it to connect with their friends. As Snap Inc grows, the channel is used to share news and pop-culture that GenZ anticipates and looks forward to seeing. That being said, if it fits with your industry, it might be worth exploring setting up a channel here. 
  • TikTok: Maybe
      • TikTok is the #3 used social media platform by GenZ, but it does not transfer well into the business world with many of the industries we serve. It’s a “Maybe” from us because we’ve found that clients who engage with Instagram and YouTube have similar results and are more accessible to a wider audience. 
  • Other (Pinterest, BeReal, etc.): Avoid 
    • These channels are frequently used by this generation, but in the case of most of our clients, these channels have not provided the best use of their time when it involves attracting or retaining talent.

If you are using some of the channels we’ve said to “Avoid”, don’t completely throw in the towel. Ask yourself if it makes sense for your industry and specific company. If not, consider how you can channel that new energy into a channel that we recommend based on our research and personal stories from young talent. 


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