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Embracing Intergenerational Communication:

Building Thriving Teams Across Generations

Target Audience: Professionals of all ages seeking to understand and bridge communication gaps between generations in the workplace.

Format: 2-day virtual masterclass, delivered in 15-minute daily video clips.

Day 1

Understanding the Generational Landscape​

  • Introduction & Setting the Stage: Why Intergenerational Communication Matters
  • Demystifying the Generations: Defining Values & Communication Styles
  • Generational Clash Points: Identifying Communication Barriers

Day 2

Strategies for Effective Intergenerational Communication

  • Adapting Your Communication Style: Tailoring Your Approach
  • From Theory to Practice: Real-World Success Stories
  • Actionable Steps for Your Team: Getting Started

Embracing Intergenerational Communication:
​Building Thriving Teams Across Generations

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Intergenerational Masterclass