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I Hate My Job…What Now?

I hated my first job. I left before the sun came up and arrived home after the sun was already down. My self-worth became equivalent to my job, and I quickly turned into someone I didn't recognize. I avoided talking to the people who really know me because they would tell me the truth: I just wasn't myself. After a year of being miserable in a job that I thought would last forever (at the beginning), I made the switch. I have never been happier.

After talking to hundreds of YoPros who know a thing or two about not loving your job (there is a trend here), here are a few key notes to keep in mind if you find yourself in a position you’re not crazy about:

1) You’re probably not going to find your dream job on day one.

This is totally normal. I can attest to that! Take it from Danielle Besser, 31-year old PR Manager in Greenville, South Carolina. She says you’re likely not getting your dream job on day one. But it might happen at year six, or eight, or ten, and then all of those different experiences that you have are strengthening your skill sets and perspectives. Not to mention, it helps you to identify what you do and don't enjoy. She thinks it's hard to know that until you've tried several careers.

2) Use a "bad" job as an opportunity to grow.

My bad first job experience led me to an amazing opportunity that may have not been there if I had not taken the first one. Similar to my situation, Meredith Rawlings, Holistic Life Coach & Founder in Wilmington, North Carolina, hated her first job out of school. She took this experience as an opportunity to grow her business (which was a side hustle idea at the time). She asked herself, “If not, when?”, and Meredith Rawlings Life Coaching was born.

3) One day, you should be happy waking up to go to work.

I’m not telling you that day needs to be today…or even every day. However, by the time you get a few years into the workplace, you should want to hop out of bed most days to work because you love what you do. Again, I’m not telling you to put a smile on your face every day – because who does that??? – and neither is Claire Spellberg, 25-year-old Reporter/Producer in New York. She tells us that there is a lot to be said about excitement over your job.

If you're considering leaving a job, consider these three things:

– Are you maximizing your career potential? – Are you learning what you need to get to the next step? – Is your health and happiness being put at risk?

There is a lot of value in sticking it out at a job for a little while; I'm glad I stayed for the time that I did. Nonetheless, despite your feelings about your current job, think it through and don't make any rash decisions. We're here to help if that time comes for you. After all, the YoPro life is all about growth, lessons, and help to navigate the workforce along the way. Don't give up, and keep optimism in mind!


Do you have mixed feelings about your job, but don't know what to do next? Make sure to check out our membership opportunities for help along your YoPro journey.

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