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How Do I Effectively Communicate In The Workplace?

I learned a lot during my first few months as a young professional…there’s no denying that. When I look back on that time four years ago, one thing that stands out to me is communication in the workplace.

Of course, it’s something we all deal with every single day, but in my first job, it was all new to me. I had to learn some things the hard way. Whether it's figuring out how to send a specific email or the art form of using “circle back” in a sentence, communicating with others is hard. Here are three tips for communicating in the workplace from YoPros just like you.

1. Address work issues immediately.

This might involve encountering tough situations. However, if you take Meredith Clemmens’ advice, you’ll address them head on rather than letting them grow even deeper. The then-26-year-old IT Program Manager in Washington, D.C., believes that leaders have a responsibility to listen to us when it comes to various work issues (I agree!). Immediately addressing issues may feel uncomfortable at first, but think of how uncomfortable it will feel after holding your feelings in for so long (not to mention all of the things that can happen in the interim period).

2. Communication now leads to greater efficiency later.

Several YoPros said this in more or less ways, including Braxton DeCamp, then-26-year-old Senior FP&A Analyst at Hydrant Inc., in New York. He believes you will be 100% times more effective at work if you focus on being communicative and self-reflective. Similarly, Stephanie Hodges, Product Lead and Buyer at Ink+Volt in Seattle, Washington, shares that communication is a key skill for high productivity, and aren't we all searching to maximize our efficiency in the workplace?

3. Never make assumptions about what other people are thinking.

This comes from Maggie Fachini, then-30-year-old Enterprise Account Executive at LinkedIn in New York, who says that people are not naturally built to collaborate, so avoid making assumptions about how to lead and communicate with others. Speaking from experience here, it is never a good idea to assume anything. Simply be upfront with the people you work with and specifically those you manage.

One of my earliest interviews was with Ethan Lockshin, an old friend of mine who now lives in Denver, Colorado. He told me to “learn how to communicate with people and you’re golden.” When you realize that this is what business is all about and will continue to play a role in your professional life, you really will be golden.


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