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Hear From Young Professionals In The Fields You Are Interested In

Interested in a Sales & Marketing role but unsure of what it might look like? We want you to try out our new site's features that will help you find stories from YoPro's in the fields you want to know about.

To start off, here are a few interviews with YoPro's from across the country telling their stories in the Sales & Marketing world. Though they might be in the same industry, we hope these interviews show you that there are many paths you can take within the same field.

Meet Maggie Fachini, Enterprise Account Executive at LinkedIn in New York City.

A standard day on the job for her is a combination of preparing for meetings with sales leaders, meetings with sales leaders, developing business case materials, or traveling to meet these individuals in-person.

Her biggest takeaways: Know what the adjectives used to describe you are; all of the major decisions about your career are made when you are not in the room.

Meet Shannon Donohue, Sports and Entertainment Publicist at Berk Communications, also in New York City.

A day on the job looks like reaching out to editors and reporters, creating media lists, writing press materials, and hoping to showcase her athletes on and off the field or court. Her job is to make the public know who these people are inside and outside of their sports, and help grow their fan base in other areas of their life.

Her biggest takeaways: Talk to as many people as you can in an industry you're interested in. (Interested in connecting with YoPro Know interviews? Reach out to them via our LinkedIn page today!)

Last but not least, meet Jason Kraemer, Cofounder of Flashpacker Co. from Ontario, Canada.

His day-to-day: Looks like working on the procurement side and talking to suppliers for their e-commerce platform.

His biggest takeaways: Learn where to prioritize your focus and your energy (hint: once he did, he started Flashpacker and has been able to travel the world while starting his business).


When I look back at my college self – and even myself in my first career, I remember thinking that there were only a few different career paths I could take (i.e., Law, Medicine, Finance, Sales, etc.). Now, after interviewing over 100 young professionals across the world, I can see that is so not the case.

By learning about the paths of other YoPro's, we are given the privilege of learning what is out there for us in career opportunities. If the industry you're looking for more information on was not covered here today, check out our Interviews page, which highlights several industries you can choose from.

Don't forget to let us know what you think!

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