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Don’t Make Your Job Offer A Red Flag: What Do Young Professionals Look Out For In Their Job Search?

In the current job market, things look a little different than they used to. In other words, young professionals are looking for more from their current and future employers – and they are asking the questions they want answers to. 

The following are a few red flags that young professionals have confirmed they look out for in the hiring process. 

  1. Unclear expectations: This is the #1 factor that influences YoPros to leave a company, and most of it happens before they even start working for a company. Be clear about their role, scope, and responsibilities, and put it in writing if possible. 
  2. Limited flexibility: You will lose out on some top talent by not offering any flexibility, so be clear about how you communicate your hybrid work schedule. 
  3. Limited career advancement opportunities: This is one of the biggest fears of young professionals at work. Not having room to grow is a sure sign that they will leave eventually, so don’t promise something that is not true. They can tell if you’re just telling them something they want to hear, so if you can’t offer them advancement, be honest. 
  4. Leaders that have no work-life balance: As soon as they hear a leader brag about how they never get to see their kid’s soccer game or they stay at the office until 8pm every night, you might as well say goodbye to your YoPro candidate. They embrace a healthy work-life balance and will look for leaders that talk about that approach. 
  5. DEIB-phobic. Yes, YoPros can sense when companies are not genuine about their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging efforts. GenZ is the most diverse generation in history and they aren’t just looking for inclusive environments, they expect them. If your team seems out of touch with this new wave of diversity in the modern workforce, it’s important to adjust this. 

There are many red flags we all look out for in a job search process, regardless of age. However, we know what YoPros want and don’t want in the workforce, so consider sharing this with your HR teams to enhance your strategies to attract and retain top young professional talent.


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