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Don’t Let Good People Go! Build Killer Retention with YouTube

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ve probably heard the stat: 88% of GenZ (both males and females) are on YouTube. 


That’s a pretty significant amount that beats both Instagram (#2 on the list) and TikTok (#3). 


How can you utilize this tool in the workplace, specifically, when attracting and retaining talent? We have tested it this practice out with dozens of companies who have seen significant results. Check out some tips below!


  • Set up your YouTube channel (seems pretty simple, right?) 
      1. Make sure to set up your company’s branding on this channel. There are several places to add your name and logo, but make sure it stays professional and no personal branding gets mixed in there.
      2. #ProTip: Your company will need to have a Gmail account set up to create your YouTube channel, so again, just be aware of the branding here. 
  • Determine your strategy (do you create it internally or bring someone in to support?) 
      1. Take it a step further: 
        1. Attracting talent: Use videos as a source of information about your industry, culture, and company.
        2. Retaining talent: Use videos as a source of internal training or onboarding features. Key word is internal here. 
  • Set a time to record video content and get your key players involved. 
      1. Having a strategy helps with this! Knock out a dozen videos in an hour or if you like this approach instead, take 10-15 second videos throughout the month and compile them while placing audio over it. Our team has done it both ways and it depends on what works best for you and your team. 
  • Struggling to create content? Repurpose old blogs and social media posts, and add audio or text over video content. 
    1. For example, consider we pulled our old blog post The Secret Weapon In Recruiting and Retaining Young Professional Talent. We have already promoted this blog post in our newsletter, so now all that’s left is a video to use. First, we’d get a video (10-15 seconds x 3-4) of our team typing on a computer (to symbolize technology), someone typing on their phone (retweet), or even a clip of the YoPros on our team walking to highlight the audience we’re discussing in the video. Then, we’d add audio or text with the 4 secret weapons listed in our blog post.
    2. You can do this too! If you have a blog or newsletter, pull one that did really well and then create a video about it. You already know it resonated with your audience, so what can you lose from this approach? You will never know unless you try. 


  • Breathe! We know videos make business leaders want to run for the hills, but we promise: this is prime engagement for future and current talent.


If you’re still on the fence, we encourage you to think of this: Where are young professionals? It’s clear that they are on digital platforms like YouTube, so why would your team be willing to miss out on this low-hanging fruit? 


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What’s Next?
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