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Ways To Grow Your Career Capital During A Pandemic

Adam and I are both Furman graduates and reconnected a little over a year ago when he reached out asking if he could get involved in The YoPro Know. I've been extremely lucky to work and collaborate with him as a behind-the-scenes YoPro Ambassador. If you've missed the memo, we offer Virtual Happy Hours now, thanks to Adam's great ideas. If you want to connect with Adam, you'll find his LinkedIn at the bottom of the page.


Be so good they can’t ignore you.

These words support Cal Newport’s overall thesis of his book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love.” In his writing, Newport refutes the popular societal message to “follow your passion” in search of meaningful work. He argues that instead, we should seek a “craftsman mindset.”

“The craftsman mindset is a focus on what value you’re producing in your job, and the passion mindset, a focus on what value your job offers to you. Most people adopt the passion mindset, but the craftsman mindset is the foundation for creating the work you love.”

As Newport continues his argument, he promotes the concept of “career capital.” In order to become so good and desirable, professionals need to develop rare and valuable skills.

The disruption in the workplace caused by the global health pandemic, COVID-19, continues to stress the economy. Some businesses are able to maintain operations remotely, others are making tremendous adaptations to serve limited consumers, and many are forced to furlough or lay off employees as businesses postpone operations. While the change is overwhelming and devastating for many, shelter in place orders create opportunities to pause and learn.

Have you ever wondered…what actually is the cloud? Maybe you remember a time at your desk opening an excel spreadsheet overwhelmed by all the information. How do I make sense of this? The growing emphasis on analytics powered by database management and cloud computing demands specific expertise to understand when data creates a competitive advantage and when it doesn’t. However, technological proficiency is not the only skill set in demand. One could argue that the accelerated shifts to remote work based on pandemic health pressures is advancing an already major shift to freelance work. So,Yo Pros, as we work from home with restrictions to go out in public on weeknights and weekends, there is a tremendous opportunity to enhance our skillsets, preparing us to be more valuable to current employers and more desirable to potential employers.

Listed below are three learning platforms that offer significant discounts during the pandemic, which can promote skill development across various disciplines. Check them out and grow your career capital!

1. Pluralsight – 1st month free and currently offering 33% off annual subscription.

Great advice from Pluralsight CEO Aaron Skonnard “stay home & skill up!” Pluralsight is the premier technology skill development platform and for the month of April, they are providing access to their full suite of classes, conference recordings, certificate practice test and more!

Pluralsight is built for the beginner and the master. Already understand the basics of JavaScript? Login to Pluralsight and take a 10 min assessment to help you identify your proficiency level and best identify how to approach excellence.

2. Linkedin Learning – 1st month Free

The learning platform is divided in three major buckets. Each bucket is broken down into three categories of learning options: Subjects, Software, & Learning Pathways. Browse subjects to learn something new, enhance your understanding or seek mastery. Subjects videos are offered at beginner, intermediate & advanced levels. Learning Paths are longer sequences of videos to teach a specific skill. These paths can prepare you for exams to become certified in a specific skill

Business – engage subjects in sales & project management, improve understanding and application of software like google analytics & LinkedIn, seek proficiency in Microsoft Excel Learning Path

Creative – explore subjects in user experience, animation & illustration, and web design. Take the path to become a graphic designer or video editor.

Technology – learn about database management & relevant software SQL. Take the path to become a data scientist.

3. CREATIVELIVE – 50% off annual subscription and special deals for specific classes, some classes are over 50% off starting at $15!

Check out this vast learning platform built for the creative and the entrepreneurial spirit. Whatever your passion, CREATIVELIVE wants to help you master your craft, be inspired, and be connected to great work across the globe. CREATIVELIVE classes are taught by grammy winners, best-sellers, & world-renowned photographers. Interested in photography check out the CREATIVELIVE podcast WE are Photographers with Kenna Klosterman.

The platform is organized in five major categories, with multiple subcategories: Photo & Video, Money & Life, Art & Design, Craft & Maker, & Music & Audio.

The YoPro Know's Takeaways:

– Investing in career capital can be cost effective

– Learn valuable skills to become even more desirable in the work industry

– Developing the "craftsman mindset" will lead you onto the path of something you love

Connect With The Author Here: Adam Granger

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