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4 Ways To Stand Out At Work As A Young Professional

What's stopping you from standing out at work? In this new digital age we find ourselves in, it makes it a little more difficult for us to stand out from the crowd. I have been fortunate enough to interview some stellar YoPros who share these exact struggles, both pre-pandemic and in the present.

1. Stop letting your age create a barrier and make that first move

Adam Bedrossian, 24-year-old Wealth and Investment Management Analyst for Wells Fargo, tells us that age is only a hurdle if you let it. If you’re confident with the information that you’re displaying and know how to present it the right way, then age should not be a factor. In fact, you can actually use it as an advantage. So, initiate that Zoom networking or outdoor coffee meeting, whatever you are most comfortable with right now.

2. Set up meetings with leaders in your company via Zoom and go into it with purpose (have a plan and bonus: let them know what you would like to discuss before)

Halle Hughes, 24-year-old Sales Operations Program Manager Intern for Microsoft in Helsinki, Finland, tells us that technology is our biggest advantage as young professionals. In fact, many people will look to you to help them convert Word Docs to PDFs or anything in that realm. You can still bring something to the table, despite not having tons of years of experience. Remember this tool!

3. Get involved in groups within the company or community you live in and take on leadership positions

Take Madi Glemser, 24-year-old Transactional Consultant (Ernst & Young) in Dallas, Texas, who says that getting out of the bubble we call college can be tough right at the start of your career. In college, everyone follows a very similar routine and when you get into the workplace, it can oftentimes be difficult to branch out. Getting out of that bubble is the most critical part of your young professional journey. Do things that are different from your peers and you will stand out.

4. It’s simple: Be Confident

Longtime-friend and mentor of The YoPro Know, Lindsay McMillion Stemann, Principal and Founder of McMillion Consulting, says the number one tip for young professionals when connecting with others on LinkedIn is to just be confident. It’s that easy!

Caroline, a Speech Pathologist, also shares the same sentiments; she says when you are entering your field, act with confidence even if you feel a bit unsure. In other words, fake it until you make it!


Remember, standing out does not mean you have to be front and center. Use the tips above to make your way to the top!

Have you tried any of these tips before? We want to know what works for you!

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