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4 Steps To Take To Practice Better Retention During The Holidays

Last year, one of our most-viewed email newsletter was about how to handle PTO with your young professionals. We’re bringing it back this year in blog format to get everyone ready for the holiday season – and remember, this is prime retention season, so don’t miss out.

Our hot take?

  • Let your young professional talent take time off – actually. We all know someone – or are THE someone – that hits us with a little “You got a second?” text around the holidays. If we’re on the clock, that’s 100% in line, but what if we’re taking some time off? Reframe your mindset to this: If it’s not urgent, it can wait until your young professional talent is back in the office. 
  • Remind yourself as a business leader why young professionals are the way they are. Knowing what we know about GenZ and Millennials, work-life balance is important to us as a working generation. Give your young professional employees the respect they deserve if they have time off during the holidays – and respect yourselves too (i.e., relax!) – by giving them this time to relax and get ready for the new year.
  • The work will be there after the holiday. Let’s face it: everything gets pushed until after the holidays for the most part. Unless you’re in the medical field – and I know there are some additional exceptions – the work likely is not urgent at this time of year. Try communicating that this time is perfect for spending with family, friends, and setting goals for the coming year with your young professional talent. It will strike a chord! 
  • Offer professional development: Use this as an opportunity to create ways for your young professional talent to stay engaged during the holidays. Professional development tools will also serve as a great way to show that you are invested in their growth. Examples might include getting them plugged into a continuing education course, additional learning that will help them in your team efforts, or even creating a service opportunity for them to lead and give back to your community (coat drive, canned goods, etc.).

How will this impact your workforce? The holidays can be a stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be. Encourage your young professionals at work to take some time off around the holidays, but know that there are ways to engage them still even if they aren’t in the office/working too much.

We’ll be back soon with more tips. Stay in the Know and share this newsletter with a coworker, peer, or friend as a gift for the holidays!


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