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3 Stress-Busting Moves To Navigate Uncertainty In Your YoPro Life And Beyond

While change is an ever-present challenging force in our lives, a lot of us have found this past year to be one of exceptional difficulty. As many of us are now facing another season of back to work, back to school, and…back to another shut down(?) I wanted to share with you some resources that can help us all better navigate the stressful unknown of the coming seasons. Dr. Rebecca Heiss is a PhD stress physiologist committed to helping us all work through our fears and stressors to ensure we are living and leading as our most confident, conscious selves.

So—here are Rebecca’s top 3 fastest stress-busting moves you can do anytime…(and don’t miss the special offer at the end of this newsletter for YoPro Know subscribers only!)

1) Do The Physiological Sigh

Have you ever cried so hard you start taking those short inhales that shake your whole back with the effort? When you watch people cry, you might notice they follow a strange pattern of breathing—a double-inhale followed by a long sigh. This is the body’s automatic way of helping bring you back to a state of lower stress. When we become stressed or anxious, we begin taking smaller, more shallow breaths which disrupts the balance of CO2 and oxygen in our body, furthering and reinforcing the cycle of stress.

We can help our bodies recalibrate by offloading a bunch of carbon dioxide at once by consciously engaging in a physiological sigh. Start by inhaling a deep breath through your nose, and when you feel you simply can’t inhale any further, sneak just a bit more air in with a sharp sudden breath. At this stage you’ve forced your lungs to expand all the way through the alveoli. Now, when you exhale you can discard a significantly higher proportion of CO2 and lower your cortisol instantly. <whew!>

2) Expand Your Peripheral View

Look up! Take 15 seconds to fix your gaze on something in the distance. Allow your eyes to relax and take in the scene around you including the ceiling or sky, the ground and things in your peripheral vision.

When we relax the muscles in our eyes to include peripheral views, we are sending a signal to our brain that we are safe and can take in more information than the narrowed focus we would maintain if, for example, a tiger was charging at us! When our vision expands, we are turning off the attentional stress mechanisms that drive our internal state towards stress and cortisol production lowers.

3) Indulge in Laughter

Go ahead and pull up those YouTube fail videos. Or your favorite dogs of TikTok. Or another re-watch of the Office. No, it’s not just empty distraction—as long as it’s making you LAUGH! Because we are a social species, we’ve evolved a way to pick up signals from others and connect with people on an emotional level. We have special neurons in our brains called mirror neurons that help us detect and reflect back the emotions of others. It’s why the contagious giggles happen (…or the contagious stress responses!). Emotional contagion is powerful, so spend a couple minutes of time busting up your cortisol with a good hearty laugh—and invite a friend if you can. Here’s one video I can almost guarantee a giggle from.

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