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3 Reasons Why You Need To Let Your YoPros Work From Home

I’m going to state the obvious here: If you are a business and are not offering remote work opportunities by now, you are hurting your business.

It’s 2022 and with the battle for good talent on the rise, you can’t miss out on amazing talent just for not offering something that so clearly has been proven to be efficient, if managed effectively.

Based on my conversations with dozens of business owners and YoPros, here are three reasons why you should let your YoPros work from home.

1. It lets them know you trust them.

By letting them work remotely, they know you can’t watch over their shoulder or be a micromanager from inside their home. This makes YoPros work hard to accomplish tasks, and even go above and beyond in some respects, to get the job done. In other words, they know you will have to micromanage them if the job does not get done, which provides motivation to not get in that situation. The key for you, as the boss? Give them a long rope and see what they do with it. When they stop getting the job done, that’s when you can step in.

2. You will see more productivity and creativity.

A lot can get done when you’re not in the office. At the office, it’s sometimes difficult to get work done when your coworkers walk by your desk every 20 minutes. Distractions are certainly not absent at home, but by removing work-related distractions, it results in more efficient work days. This leaves your YoPros with more opportunities to be creative, think deeply about new projects, and even get ahead.

3. They can go somewhere else that will let them work remote.

More companies are hopping on the trend of WFH life, so if you don’t, someone else will attract that candidate or current employee. 1 in 7 jobs are remote now, according to the recent 60 Minutes episode featuring Greenville. I am not suggesting you never meet in person or even be 100% remote. However, by not offering a hybrid or mostly remote lifestyle, other companies will. That will hurt not only your bottom line, but your overall company culture.

This conversation will be an ongoing one throughout the year and one that will not be over anytime soon. We’d love to know your thoughts by commenting below or messaging us today!

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