The future of your workforce starts today.

The YoPro Know promotes your success in the workplace by being a bridge between ambitious young professionals and the progressive businesses who want to recruit, engage, and retain them.

Awarded 2022 Small Business of the Year by the Greenville Chamber

The next generation of leaders at your business have never known a world without social media. Let us help you build a culture and brand that attracts and retains them.

Our services have been crafted through thousands of interviews with young professionals in various industries across the country over the past 5 years. The future of your workforce begins with recruiting, retaining and growing YoPros. We can help you build and be that bridge. 

Young Professional Turnover Costs $30.5 Billion in the U.S. Annually
Employers Spend at Least 1/3 of a Young Professional's Salary when they Leave.
Young Professionals Will have on Average up to 4 Different Jobs by the Time They Reach their 30's

The only consulting group that focuses on recruiting and retaining young professionals

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From topics on GenZ and Intergenerational Generation to Onboarding The Next Generation Of Leaders, we have a range of topics to consider when planning your next engagement or workshop.

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